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Wall Art- Floral Design

Jan. 15, 2021
You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colour White 27, Fine Art Brushes, Pencil, White Imperial Thin Paper, White Carbon Paper, Colour Palette, Water Container.

Description :

This is a classic floral design on the wall painted using Fevicryl Acrylic Colours. Bring about an elegant look to your walls with this beautiful design.

STEP 1 : Prep the wall

• We are going to paint the floral design on the wall. • We have a dark wall and we are going to use only one colour shade for the same.

STEP 2 : Make the design

• Take white imperial paper which is thin and will work easily for tracing. (You may also draw directly on the wall). • Draw the floral design on it. • Trace the same design on one side corner of the wall with white carbon paper. • Refer to the image.

STEP 3 : Paint the design

• Start painting the design with Acrylic Colour White 27. • Leave it to dry completely.

STEP 4 : Finish the design

• Your painting with finished effect will look like this • Your wall will look like this.