Sun Catcher

You Will Need:

Sun catcher base, Fevicryl Water Based Glass Colour Kit.

Description :
Stay indoors this summer and indulge in something creative every day. Here’s a quick sun catcher which can add some color to your sunny balcony.
You can use and glass/fiber glass surface to make a sun catcher. Select a design of your choice and sketch the outline using Fevicryl Glass outliner which is available in the Fevicryl Glass colors kit. I have picked up a ready design of an owl from the Hobby Ideas store. This is made with fiber glass, is laser cut and has the design printed on it. So for this fiber glass sun catcher base, I need not use the Fevicryl glass outliner, and I can directly start coloring it. Ensure that the surface to be painted is clean.
Use colors of your choice from the Fevicryl Glass Colors kit and fill up the design. Allow this to dry.
You can use this Sun catcher as a key chain, and embellishment or put it up near a window or in your balcony and watch the sun rays dance their way through the colored glass.