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Snowflake Hoops

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Premium Fabric Glue, Paper, Pencil, Scale, Paper And Fabric Scissor, Nose Plier And Wire Cutter (Jewelry Making Equipments), White Mulmul Fabric, Bukram Fabric, Sliver Wire (Thick And Very Thin), Eye Pin, Earring Hooks, Embellishment (White And Gold) Like Transparent Cutdana , Silver And Golden Cutdana, Square And Rectangle Shape Stone, Silver Half Cut Beads , Chandla, Rainbow Colour Stones, Half Cut Pearls, White Poth, Diamonds, Light Golden Beads, Crystal Beads

Product Used:
Description :

Here is an amazing DIY of dainty white hoops which have been made completely using Fevicryl Fabric Glue.

STEP 1 : Paper cutout
  • Fold a square paper and cut out designs of your choice in the shape you see in the image
  • Use paper scissors for this.
  • The height of the prototype is 3”
STEP 2 : Source the base
  • Take buckram and white mulmul fabric as shown in the image
STEP 3 : Stick the base fabric
  • Stick the mulmul fabric on to the buckram as shown
  • Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick.
  • Let it dry
STEP 4 : Cut the prototypes
  • Transfer the prototype design on the fused fabric and cut them using fabric scissors
  • Cut 4 pieces as seen in the image
STEP 5 : Assemble the wire and beads
  • Take silver metal wire, string it with glass cutdana and bend it in a v shape as seen in the image.
  • Use jewellery equipments to bend and cut the wire
STEP 6 : Creating a wire frame
  • Take two pieces of the cut design
  • Place the bent wire on the buckram side of the design as seen in the image
  • Place 3 eye pins on the design as shown.
  • Cut them according to the design
STEP 7 : Sticking the pieces
  • Stick the second piece on the bottom piece as seen in the image
  • Let the fabric part of the design piece be on the top
  • Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick them
  • Let it dry
  • Make two such pieces
STEP 8 : Sticking the embellishments
  • Take the embellishments and stick them on both the pieces as seen in the image
  • Stick the embellishments on both sides
  • Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick them
  • Let it dry
STEP 9 : Embellishments
  • The bottom piece of the earring will look like the one seen in the image once all the sticking is done
  • Let it all dry
STEP 10 : Assemble the hooks and beads
  • Take earring hooks, beads and wires as seen in the image
STEP 11 : Attachment of hooks
  • Take the beads and hooks and attach themon to the earring piece as shown in the image
  • Use jewellery equipment to fix the attachments.
STEP 12 : Final Look

The snowflake hoops are ready to be worn with your favorite attire!