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Paper Fish With Post It Tags

| Paper Craft > Punch Craft

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

This fish shows a simple way of how you can use a heart shaped craft punch to make fish scales. You may try and use these craft punches in different ways and arrangements to create a variety of design patterns

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take an A4 sized white paper
Draw a fish of about 8 inches long and proportionately wide. Refer the image

STEP 2:-

Trace the fish on the red coloured thick card paper and cut it out

STEP 3:-

Colour the face and the outlines for the tail and the fins of the fish in bright green colour made by mixing Acrylic Colours - Lemon Yellow, Light Green with little White

STEP 4:-

Outline the eyes and the design on the fins using 3D Outliner - White
Draw the smile curve using 3D Outliner - Red

STEP 5:-

Punch out orange and yellow coloured hearts
Stick the yellow coloured hearts flat on the fish using Fevicol MR
Fold the orange coloured hearts into half and stick its half parts on the yellow hearts
Let it dry

STEP 6:-

Stick chenile stick on the rear side of the fish in such a way that you can make a round loop on the upper side for hanging the fish
The lower side of the chenile stick holds the post it leaves

you will need

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours - Lemon Yellow 11, Light Green 12, White 27, Fine Art Brushes, Colour Palette, Fevicryl 3D Outliner - Red 701, White 707, Fevicol MR, Chenile Sticks (Pipe Cleaners), Heart Shaped Craft Punch, A4 Sized Thin Coloured Papers That Can Be Used For Punching ,Water Container, A4 Sized White Paper, A4 Sized Tracing Paper, A4 Sized Thick Red Card Paper, Scissors, Pencil