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Kutchi Jewellery

You Will Need:

Fevicryl 3D Outliner Red 701, Blue 702, Light Green 704, Orange 705, White 707, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Piece Of Black Fabric, A4 White Paper, White Carbon Paper, Pencil, Green & Orange Wool, Assorted Foil Mirrors, Colourful Beads, Sponge Sheet from Packing, Green Colour Thread, Needle & Thread, Scissors

Product Used:
Description :

Create the art of Kutch, where each bead tells a story of rich heritage and intricate craftsmanship.​
So, create this DIY Kutchi Jewellery using Fevicryl 3D Outliners! ​

STEP 1 : Source the base material
  • Take black fabric from any left-over pieces.
  • Take A4 white paper, draw kutchi design in a circle to make the pendant and earrings.
  • Trace the same design on the fabric with white carbon paper.
STEP 2 : Paint the design
  • Paint the design by replicating the Kutchi Bharat embroidery design using 3D Outliner Red 701, Blue 702, Light Green 704, Orange 705 and White 707.
  • Let it dry completely.
STEP 3 : Final look
  • Your design for the pendant and the earrings will look like this. 
STEP 4 : Finishing touches
  • Take a thin sponge sheet from any shirt packing.
  •  Mark and cut circles in the size of the pendant and earrings.
  • Similarly cut the plain black fabric circles too.
  • Stick the sponge circles on the rear side using Fabric Glue.
  • Cover the sponge sheet with plain black fabric circle using Fabric Glue. Let it dry.
  • Take green wool, plait the wool neatly and stitch around the pendant with needle and thread.
STEP 5 : Final look
  • Similarly repeat the process for the earrings too.
  • Take orange wool, plait the wool by inserting colourful beads in between.
  • Attach the plaited cord with beads to the pendant using Needle & Thread.
  • Enhance the design by sticking foil mirrors in between using Fabric Glue. Let it dry.
  • Attach the woolen tassels towards the bottom edge on the earrings and pendant. Attach the earring attachment too.