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French Purse

| Fabric Craft > Fabric Painting Designs,Other Fabric Crafts

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

Create this trendy new bag using Fevicryl Range of Products.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

French Purse - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take a 40 cm checkered fabric.

STEP 2:-

French Purse - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Cut 4 identical 'U' shaped pieces referring to the main image.

STEP 3:-

French Purse - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

In the same way cut 2 pieces of paper canvas and sandwich it between 2 pieces of green checkered fabric.

STEP 4:-

French Purse - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

While sandwiching cut one of the extensions of the handle and make it shorter by 2''.

STEP 5:-

French Purse - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

Stick both the pieces together with Fevicryl Fabric Glue and stick the green tissue piping on the outer edges, to give it it's finishing touches. The basic bag is ready.

STEP 6:-

French Purse - Step 6 | Hobbyideas

Cut out few petals from a fine art canvas sheet to make different types of flowers.

STEP 7:-

French Purse - Step 7 | Hobbyideas

Paint them with colours of your choice from the given list.

STEP 8:-

French Purse - Step 8 | Hobbyideas

Take the flower making wire and cover it with the green flower making tape.

STEP 9:-

French Purse - Step 9 | Hobbyideas

Make pollen's by taking few pieces of the wire and covering the tip with Fevicryl Shilpkar.

STEP 10:-

French Purse - Step 10 | Hobbyideas

Roll the petals and leaves around the stem and shape the to make different types of flowers and leaves.

STEP 11:-

French Purse - Step 11 | Hobbyideas

STEP 12:-

French Purse - Step 12 | Hobbyideas

STEP 13:-

French Purse - Step 13 | Hobbyideas

STEP 14:-

French Purse - Step 14 | Hobbyideas

Stick the wire on the flat flowers and leaves for support.

STEP 15:-

French Purse - Step 15 | Hobbyideas

STEP 16:-

French Purse - Step 16 | Hobbyideas

STEP 17:-

French Purse - Step 17 | Hobbyideas

Stick a green cord in a curvilinear pattern to complete the design.

you will need

Fevicryl Sparkling Colours - Deep Rose 902, Orange 903, Golden Yellow 907, Emerald Green 908, Golden Green 911, Fevicryl Pearl - White 301, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fevicryl Non Sticky Shilpkar, Fine Art Canvas Sheet, Fine Art Brushes, Tissue Lace, 50cm. Checkered Fabric, Paper Canvas, Flower Making Wire, Flower Making Green Tape, Decorative Cord, Drawing Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Scissors, Green Thread, Needle, Ornamental Stones – White.