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Bygone Era- Canvas

April 11, 2021
You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Chrome Yellow 03, Crimsion 04, Lemon Yellow 11, Light Green 12, Orange 17, Sap Green 21, White 27, Sky Blue 63, Fevicryl Pearl Black 306, Fevicryl Pearl Metallic Gold 352, Bronze 355, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, 10” X 12” Fine Art Canvas Board, Fine Art Brushes, Corrugated Sheet, Pencil, Paper Cutter, Scissors, Poplin Fabric, Ruler, Colour Palette, Water Container

Description :

 A mix of craft and li’l bit of art is this mixed media canvas. This reminds us of our memories and evokes nostalgia! Made with Fevicryl range of products, you can customize the project as per your concept too.



STEP 1 : Source the base.

• We are going to make a mixed media canvas using corrugated sheet, fabric and Acrylic colours. • Take the corrugated box flap to make the basic structure of the camera. Refer to the image.

STEP 2 : Assembly of the camera

• Mark and cut the rectangular pieces from the box, stick it together with Fabric Glue to form a rectangular shape of the camera. • Refer to the image. • Let it dry completely.

STEP 3 : Paint the camera.

• Paint the camera in antique old look using Acrylic Colour Black 02 and Pearl Metallic Gold 352. • Let it dry.

STEP 4 : Paint the reel

• Take fabric; mark and cut the strip measuring 3 ½” x 12” in size. • Paint the black outline border to depict as it is on camera reels or negatives using Acrylic Colour Black 02. • Let it dry.

STEP 5 : Paint the fabric

• Paint the bordered fabric strip using Acrylic Colours Chrome Yellow 03, Crimson 04, Lemon Yellow 11, Orange 17 and Sky Blue 63 in shading manner. • Let it dry completely.

STEP 6 : Painting the base and assembly

• Take the canvas board measuring 10” x 12” in size. • Paint the canvas using Acrylic Colours Light Green 12, Sap Green 21, White 27 and Sky Blue 63. Let it dry. • Paint the blanket stitch on the fabric using Acrylic Colour White 27. Let it dry. • Stick and arrange the camera and the painted reel on the canvas with Fabric Glue. • Let it dry.

STEP 7 : Finishing.

• Take the newspaper crumple it and paint the crumple patterns on the canvas using Pearl Metallic Gold 352 and Bronze 355. • Let it dry. • Write the message “The Story I Wrote” with Acrylic Colour Black 02 on the canvas. • Your final canvas will look like this.