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Best Out of Waste Ideas

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Pichwai art bottles

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Cupid on a box

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Bottle doll with Mouldit

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CD Painting for beginners

DIY cardboard ice cream parlour

Coconut shell roosters

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Rocking horse

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Best out of waste craft using tomato sauce bottle

Holi miniatures with best out of waste

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Buddha bottleart

Treasure bottle art

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Best out of Waste Crafts

Did you know that a plastic bottle could be converted into a beautiful planter or a few pieces of glass bangles could help design a rangoli pattern or mosaic. At HobbyIdeas, we bring to you innovative ideas for best out of waste to create something useful out of waste things. All the art and craft designed from waste material showcased here has been conceptualized by the experts in our team and our craft community.

Some of the popular waste material things used by art and craft artists around the word are newspapers, cords and threads, buttons, candy sticks, recycled bulbs and plastic bottles. We have tried cover all of these in our DIY section. These projects made out of waste materials can be made by people of all age groups depending of the level and degree of project that one has in mind.

We have also divided our large collection of best out of waste making ideas by difficulty keeping in mind the age of the hobbyist and the time involved to create the project. Don't forget to upload your own art and craft from waste material creation or share it with us on Instagram by tagging @hobbyideas. You can also checkout other interesting DIY craft ideas like fabric painting, origami, paper mache, clay modelling and more.

While putting the waste at home is a significant step towards recycling and an important way to contribute to the environment, it also makes for a fun DIY project. For instance, buttons and jute threads can be used to embellish and adorn an ordinary sling or tote bag. Pieces of glass (bangles for instance) can be made into a rangoli pattern or a mosaic. Broken tiles are ideal for a mosaic effect on a lot of surfaces. Bottles can be painted with themes and used to add that bling to your décor. Best out of waste ideas are numerous and interesting too.

So bring out all those plastic bottles, broken tiles, buttons and ice cream sticks and #GetCreating.