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31 Amazing projects for Valentine's Day

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31 Amazing projects for Valentine's Day


With Valentine's day just round the corner we all get into that mood to make something special for the occasion for our loved ones. Searching for that special and different gift for Valentines' day. There are Valentine's day greetings that are best conveyed through cards with a personalised message for that someone special. Here are our 31 amazing and interesting Valentine's day art and craft activities that you can choose from.


Heart Box

A pretty Valentine's Day box thats heart shaped with roses in pink and red just what one can make for someone you love. Its dainty and can be used on your dressing table to put in valuables and trinkets. This can be a very thoughtful and loving handmade Valentine's gift to be made for someone you love. This heart box can make a lovely gift for Valentines' so try your hand at it and make your own creation.


Love Photo frame

This Valentine's Day capture your special moments in this photoframe, as a rememberance for keeps and years to come. Decorate and enhance the frame with lovable words of affection and love. Keep it simple and basic yet chic and meaningful. Also a pretty gift for Valentines' for someone really special on this occasion and day. This frame is a great diy Valentine craft activity to be gifted to someone very special on the occasion of Valentine's Day.


Heart Scrap Book

Here is a scrapbook made beautifully in pastel shades and pearls with mauve roses that is so enticing to make. Create your memorable journey filled with love and special moments in this scrapbook. A wonderful gift for Valentines', to be given to someone who is special in your life, which in turn would bring nostalgic memories years on end. This project can be a very interactive Valentines day craft for kids that they can group together do with a lot of fun and excitement.


Dangler with Clay Hearts

A lovely way to decorate your special space this Valentine's Day could be these delicate pink and red hearts dangler. Dangle them in the midst of green foliage or in a place where light reflects in plenty and see them dazzle up your area. It is also a great handmade gift that you can thoughtfully make for someone really special in your life. Use colour combinations that you like and feel proud of your creation. These Valentines day hearts look ever so pretty once hung in and around your special spaces to bring in the spirit of Valentine's day. This dangler can be a pleasant and much appreciated gift for Valentines'.


Love photoframe

This Valentine's Day capture your special moments in this photoframe, as a rememberance for keeps and years to come. Decorate and enhance the frame with lovable words of affection and love. Keep it simple and basic yet chic and meaningful. Make this lively frame that can be a great gift for Valentines' too. This Love Photoframe is a lovely diy Valentine craft that one can learn and teach too.



Mosaic Heart Key Chain

With the advent of the month of February the search starts for Valentine's day creative ideas. What should one make that is different from last year and that someone has not made or created. Here is a mosaic heart keychain made with super dough. Use this as a keychain, make smaller to make it a pendant. Use colour combinations that suit your fancy and get creative.


Heart shaped keychain

Each one of us what to make something special for our loved ones on the occasion of Valentine's Day. This pretty and delicately crafted heart shaped keychain is an ideal Valentine craft for adults to try and make. Be creative and colour them in shades that are your favourite. Make a bigger shaped keychain or several tiny ones depending what you really desire to create.


Love Bugs

These lady bugs with pretty hearts on them are an easy Valentine craft that people of all ages can make. They are made with Shilpkar that is so much fun to work with. Pretty lady bugs can be gifted to someone really special. They are ideal as paper weights and look ever so attractive on one's desk.


Twin Heart Pendant

Isn't this twin heart pendant cute and so lovely to wear. It's one of those Valentine's day homemade crafts that one is enticed to make and gift to someone really special.



I Love us Pillow

Crafts such as these can be great engaging Valentines day activities that one can do. This cuddly pillow with an adorable and lovable message is sure to win and melt hearts. Make them in colours that are your favourite and gift it to that special someone on Valentine's day.


Hand Painted Cushion

A beautifully stylised pair of cushion covers are these that have hearts and crosses in a fun way. This is very interesting Valentine's day craft activity that can be done. It has that utility quotient and so can be learnt and taught too.


Heart Photoframe

This is an attractive photoframe that make an interesting diy Valentine craft. Capture those special moments and revere them for years. Decorate the frame with motifs and symbols that can be related to which would linger that sense of nostalgia forever.


Floral Car Dangler with Hearts

Here we have a floral dangler with a heart something very suited for Valentine's day. Add this to your Valentine's day decoration list and learn how to make them and teach them too.


Heart Shape Photo Dangler

These sparkling beautiful valentines day hearts are great little gifts to be given to someone special on the occasion of Valentine's day.




LOVE Fridge magnets for your Mom

Pretty and dainty hearts made especially for Valentine's day. A great Valentine's day creative idea for all ages to make for that someone special on the occasion of Valentine's day.


 YOU and ME Coasters for Valentines

A very thoughtful and personalised Valentine's day project are these set of coasters best suited for Valentine's day. This YOU and ME coaster is a really cute gift that can be shared on this Valentine's day.


Wall Clock with Mosaic Heart

This lovely clock with acrylic colours and mosaic chips all shaped in a heart form makes a very interesting Valentine's day art and craft activity. Make this clock use colours and accessories on it as per your choice and gift it to someone really special this Valentine's day.


String Art Heart

Learn this new art called string art and make this beautiful yet subtle heart on a board. This Valentines day activity idea can be made with varied colour combinations and sizes. Make it and gift to someone special on this day of Valentine's day.


Tealite Cover painted with Artistry Inks

Thinking of Valentine’s day craft ideas.... here is one that is both for the occasion as well as teaches you a stenciling technique. A tealite stenciled with artistry ink gives it that touch of elegance and when lit illuminates your space beautifully spreading peace and tranquility.


Gift Boxes with Hearts

These boxes are prettily made with card paper and enhanced further with embellishments to add glitter and glitz. They are very good handmade Valentine gifts that can be given to close and special people to use as gift boxes on this occasion of Valentine's day.


Valentines Card with Punch craft

A very dainty and delicate handmade card for the occasion of Valentine's day. Use this as your one of your Valentine card ideas and customise it for that special someone for Valentine's day.


Valentine Card and a Tag With Corrugated Hearts

A perfect Valentine's day handmade card is this which has been made with very basic and simple materials. It looks so pretty and is even more interesting to make as you can gather recycled materials like a piece of corrugated paper, punch few dainty flowers, make quilled flowers and spirals and use them all aesthetically to bring it all together.


Card With Hearts

Say it with a card this Valentine's day......a perfect homemade Valentines day card that says it all merely in it's simplicity. It's just hearts that are glittering and gleaming it's a classic of a card meant for Valentine's day.


Greeting Card for your Valentine

Cards would never get out of fashion and mean a lot when received. Valentines day card sayings can be best expressed with this card. It has basic origami folds with which hearts have been made and the card folds mid way. Something new and different to make and share your feelings with.


Card with Iris folds

This beautiful heart shaped card made using the Iris fold technique is a gift for all occasions.Use this simple and easy handmade valentine card idea to make a perfect gift for your loved ones.Learn this Iris fold technique that can help you make cards, photo frames, it is a very interesting paper craft that helps you sculpt paper beautifully, helping you make varied shapes and figures.



Card boxes decorated with Artistry Ink

Homemade Valentine gifts are perfect to be given to that someone special on the occasion of Valentine's day. These lovely boxes painted and beautifully blended with artistry inks are great handmade gifts to be given to close loved ones.



Gift Bag with Heart Cutouts

A gift bag with heart cut outs on it can be a fun heart craft that can be made by adults. Give it a try this Valentine season and cherish your creation for long time.



Decorated Placemat for your Valentine

A placemat made simply yet artistically with scrapbook papers, artistry inks and other embellishments, made in hues of pink and white and pretty hearts to go with it makes for a wonderful Valentine's day project.


Scrapbook for your Valentine

A scrapbook that puts down all your memories and loving trivias is what we have made here. This is a good Valentines day craft for kids an engaging activity where they can capture their loving moments and thoughts, sticker them with pretty embellishments.


Whoo Gift Box

A good and innovative Valentine's day paper craft activity is this gift box that can be filled with chocolates or candies to be gifted to someone special this Valentine's day.


Quilled Heart

This frame with a quilled heart in beautiful colours is an apt Valentine craft idea for this Valentine's day. Make it and gift it to someone special, or simply adorn it on your walls to add that extra edge to your home décor.




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