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Bygone era- canvas

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Modern wall art


Flower power canvases

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Music melody- canvas with chimpanzee

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Decoupaged Tray

Traditional Maharashtrian necklace

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Vibes of Gudi Padwa

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DIY Arts and Crafts

DIY projects are gaining popularity since the Makers movement in 2002. DIY ideas can be implemented in numerous ways to revamp something that is old to give it a new look altogether. One can easily find a huge collection of DIY projects in the do it yourself section of Hobby ideas. It helps, especially children, to assemble and create in an intelligent manner, thereby sharpening their motor skills.

There are a lot of projects that now come in Do It Yourself kits, which make it easy for parents to pick up and let their children do it by themselves on their own. There are science based projects too that help a child to use and apply logic and assemble pieces with intelligence. It helps a child develop motor skills and logic.

Handmade cards / greeting cards and cards for several occasions are now readily available as DIY sets for each individual to make cards in a more personalized and customized manner.

There are DIY Rakhis that have become popular for children and adults to try their hands at. Candle making kits also come in a DIY crafts kit where aromas, colors and the molds can all be customized and made to one's liking and preference.

Another popular DIY crafts centric project is a lamp where one can assemble the parts and then decorate them with embellishments etc.

Dupatta and stoles too are now a craze, where one can again paint them or embellish them to match and coordinate your dresses.

Jewelry pieces like earrings are also something that little girls love to buy as DIY kits where they can assemble each piece and make it to their liking.

Lastly there is nothing better than making your DIY project in form of a nameplate that is a reflection of you and your home. So get going and create something that you will cherish.