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Wedding Trousseau

| Other Craft Ideas

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Intermediate

This simple wooden tray is transformed in to a beautifully decorated trousseau gifting tray for a new bride. Just by simply colouring and embellishing it with brocade fabric and ornamental stones.


how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Wedding Trousseau  - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take a MDF wooden tray
Paint the wooden tray with a base coat of Sparkling Pearl Colour - Light Green
You may give two coats for even finish
Let it dry

STEP 2:-

Wedding Trousseau  - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Trace a peacock feather design on the inner and outer border of the tray
Stick blue and green sequins using Fabric Glue in the feathers
Let it dry
Outline this design using 3D Cone Outliner Non Sticky Glitter - Gold and let it dry
Take a beige brocade fabric and cut it in the size of the tray
Stick the brocade fabric on the inner surface of the tray using No Stitch Fabric Glue
Leave it to dry
Stick the golden coloured lace on the edges of the fabric stuck in the tray
You may further outline the self brocade design with ornamental stone

STEP 3:-

Wedding Trousseau  - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Stick golden sequins on the outer side of the handles of the tray using Fabric Glue
Let them dry

STEP 4:-

Wedding Trousseau  - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

String green, blue and golden coloured beads into the flower making wire
Tie the wire around the two handles of the tray diagonally

STEP 5:-

Wedding Trousseau  - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

You can now keep all the stuff that you would want to gift to a bride in this decorative tray

you will need

Fevicryl Sparkling Pearl Colour - Light Green 909, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliner Non Sticky Glitter - Gold 401, Fine Art Brushes, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Canvas, Colour Palette, Decoupage MDF Wooden Tray . Flower Making Stocking Wire, Gold Brocade Fabric, Sequins (Gold, Blue, Green) And Beads (Blue, Green and Gold), Golden Coloured Lace