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Twin Heart Pendant

| Clay Modeling

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner
Twin Heart Pendant  | Hobbyideas

Make this adorable twin heart pendant using Shilpkar and colours. Its simple, easy and quick to make.

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how to do it yourself


Take shilpkar resin base and hardner. Mix it thoroughly to make even white dough
You will need about half the resin and hardner from 50gms pack of shilpkar


Take half the dough and roll it to make coil of about 5mm thick
Take the coil and form a shape of the heart
Make 2 such same sized hearts


Stick these hearts overlapping each other
Refer to the main image
Insert the flower making wire into the heart, which is on the back side to make the loop for the pendant and let it dry


Paint both the hearts with acrylic colour pearl pink and leave it to dry
Enhance the hearts by sticking small sized yellow coloured ornamental stones on one side of the hearts using No Stitch Fabric Glue
Thread the heart pendant through woollen strands or thick threads and your twin heart pendant is ready to be worn

you will need

Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Pearl Pink 303, Fevicryl Non Sticky Shilpkar, Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue, Fine Art Brushes, Colour Palette , Ornamental Stones (small sized yellow colour), Woolen Strands, Flower Making Wire, Water Container, Scissors


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Posted 10 months ago

How to make it waterproof?