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Studded Chunky Purse

March 26, 2021
You Will Need:

Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Purse/ Clutch, Barbeque Stick, Scale, Drop Shaped Diamonds, Diamond Chain With Silver Base, White & Silver Stones ( Different Shapes And Sizes), Silver Colour Beads, Thick Yarn, Ring/Hook.

Description :
Who does not like a chunky purse or a clutch that shines so bright that you are the talk of the party? Make this chunky purse which you can use to accessorize your evening gown during that reception party!

STEP 1 : Purchase / find a clutch or a purse
• Purchase or dig out a plain purse/ clutch which you can use to stick embellishments on. • We have taken a grey silver clutch.
STEP 2 : Start Embellishing
• Using the drop shaped diamonds, white and silver stones, start creating a pattern of your choice on the clutch/purse as shown in the image. • Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick them • Let it dry.
STEP 3 : Embellishments on the bottom
• The clutch/purse should like this once the embellishment is done. • Make sure to cover all the surface area to give it a heavy and filled look.
STEP 4 : Embellishments on the top
• Using the same embellishments, continue with the same design on the flap of the clutch/purse as seen in the image. • Use Fevicryl Fabric Glue to stick the stones. • Let it dry. • Make sure to not cover the flap completely an cover it halfway as seen in the image.
STEP 5 : Materials for the handle
• Pick up silver beads of different shapes and sizes to create the handle for the clutch/ purse
STEP 6 : Stringing of the beads
• String the beads using a thick yarn like how we can see in the image. • You can choose how long you want the handle to be. • We have created 2 handles for this clutch/ purse to give it a very chunky look.
STEP 7 : Fixing the handle
• Take a bigger silver ring and two smaller silver beads as seen in the image
• Place the ring and the bead on the inner side of the flap and fasten the yarn by securing a knot at the end. • The yarn used is part of the handle that was created previously.
STEP 9 : Handle and smaller embellishments
• Once secured, the handles look like how they do in the image. • Getting back to the embellishments, stick a line of diamond chain where the big stone design ends. • Use Fevicryl Fabric glue to stick it. • Let it dry. • Stick smaller stones from above the diamond chain line and continue to the back. • Use Fevicryl Fabric glue to stick it. • Let it dry.
STEP 10 : Back of the clutch/ purse
• The embellishments look like this once it is completely stuck on the clutch/purse.
Chunky purse/clutch is ready to walk down that wedding isle.