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By Sunil | Dhule, Maharashtra

Difficulty Level Intermediate
Showpiece | Hobbyideas
After use of edible part of coconut we mostly throw the shells of coconut.But a creative idea can change our view of throwing the shells in dustbins.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Showpiece - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take coconut shells, minimum 7 to 9 are required.Choose the proper shells as we want.Lineout circles on outer part of shells.Take hacksaw blade and cut carefully through the lineout area of shells.Then use polish paper (also called as sand paper) and polish thoroughly the outer part of shells. After sometime while you finished the polishing you will find that the outer rough part has changed into a smooth area.

STEP 2:-

Afterwards take a screwdriver pierce a small hole through the eye out of three eyes of shells.Take a aluminum string nearly 15 to 20 centimeter. Fixed one point of string into the eye of shell and other point should free.Use M-seal (epoxy compound) and fixed the point.Do same procedure with remaining shells.

STEP 3:-

Now we have clean, smooth shells fixed with aluminium strings.Take a piece of plywood (nearly 10×10 cm) or take a wooden part as a base.Make holes with the help of drill or screwdriver on plywood or wooden part and fixed out the lower free part of aluminum string there with the use of fevicol and m-seal.

STEP 4:-

Take Acrylic Colours and paint the shells.Draw out a design or make colour pattern on shells.Colour the shells from out and inside the shells.

STEP 5:-

Let them dry. A very adorable showpiece is ready.This is nothing but a best out of waste.You can use this for decorating your hall, corner or office table.

you will need

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours, Fevicol MR, M-Seal, Coconut shells, hacksaw blade, polish paper, Screwdriver, Plywood or wooden base, Aluminum strings.