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Rainbow Roses

| Clay Modeling

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Intermediate

These rainbow roses are just so beautiful and simple to make. All that you need is to take the clay in rainbow colours, make them into coils and make the roses. You can keep them in your vases or make a dangler out of it.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take small same sized I-Clay balls in rainbow colours
You will have to mix two colours to make a third colour like Violet, Orange, and a shade of Blue

STEP 2:-

Join the balls together in the order of the rainbow colours and slowly start rolling them into a coil, see to it that the colours don’t mix and merge with each other
Make a coil of an even thickness

STEP 3:-

Once the coil of the desired length and the thickness is ready pinch it flat
Roll the flat coil spirally in the shape of a rose as shown in the picture
The base of the rose is flat

STEP 4:-

To make the base make concentric circles of Red, Yellow and Green clay and stick the flowers on the base
Let it dry

you will need

I Clay - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White , Card Board, Satin Ribbon, Scale