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Quilling Butterfly Dangler

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By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Expert

Quilling Butterfly Dangler


how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

To make the wings of the butterfly take 10mm thick quilling strips in assorted colours or in gradation. Join two Strips each for the upper and the lower wings.Roll 4 loose Quills 2 for the upper and 2 for the lower wings.

STEP 2:-

To make the body of the butterfly take 10mm thick quilling strips. Roll 5 tight quills. Make 2 Tight quills into conical shapes. Stick the remaining 3 tight quills to each other using Fevicol MR. Stick the conical shapes on the either sides of the tight quills to complete the body of the butterfly. Make antennas and stick them on either sides of the body.

STEP 3:-

Draw and cut the shape of a butterfly from an A4 sized colored card paper.

STEP 4:-

Stick the body of the butter fly first on the paper cutout. Shape the upper wings in a teardrop shape as per the butterfly drawn and stick them using Fevicol MR. The lower wings are made into heart shape and are placed and stuck appropriately.

STEP 5:-

To make the center of flower take two colored strips and roll them into tight quills. To make each petal take two colored strips and roll them into loose quills. You will need 5 loose quills which are further shaped into tear drop shape. Assemble and stick all the shapes together on small circular piece of card paper for support using Fevicol MR.

STEP 6:-

Arrange and stick the butterfly and the flower on the silver ribbon with Fevicol MR.

you will need

Fevicol MR, 10mm Thick Quilling Strips, Quilling Tool, A4 sized colored card paper, Silver ribbon, Pencil, Scissors