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Pen and Mobile Holder

| Clay Modeling

By NEHAL | Thane, Maharashtra

Difficulty Level Expert

Pen and Mobile Holder


how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

For pen holder Make rectangular box like structure with mount board hollow at top and bottom. Cover it with shilpkar. Leave aside to harden.

STEP 2:-

For mobile holder Roll one long and one short strip with shipkar. Shape it as inverted ‘U’. Leave aside to harden.

STEP 3:-

For doll: roll two long sticks for legs. Roll round ball and shape it as head, insert the spiralled taar. Make two shilpkar palms and attach them to two taars. Make hat and shoes with shilpkar. Insert legs in shoes while it is still soft. Roll shilpkar in cone like structure narrow at neck and frill like at bottom, while the body is still soft insert the legs, hands and spiral taar connected to head. Quill paper strips like hair and stick on head. Stick the hat.

STEP 4:-

Base: Roll shilpkar into a flat shape of your choice. While it is still soft insert the pre prepared penstand, doll and mobile holder. Leave to harden.

STEP 5:-

Add dotted texture on base, penstand and mobile holder with white 3D cone outliner.

STEP 6:-

Paint with acrylic colours and 3D cone outliners as per your choice.

STEP 7:-

Add punch craft flowers on pen stand and in dolls hand.

you will need

Acrylic colours Crimson 04, White 27, Sap Green 21, Light Green 12, Prussian Blue 19, Cerulean Blue 32, Lemon Yellow 11, 3D Cone Outliner: White, Red, Green, Shilpkar approx 8-10 pcs, Fabric Glue,Punch Craft Flowers, Brown Quilling Strips, Mount Board Small pc, Taar covered with white stem tape