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Painted Boots

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By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Intermediate

These pair of suede boots are painted in bright colours and bold outlines, influenced by the traditional Madubani art form of painting. These otherwise plain looking boots are sure to make a fashion statement because of the handpainted touch

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take a tan coloured pair of suede boots
You may choose the colour of the boots as per your choice

STEP 2:-

Draw an outline of a tree design on the boots directly
You may also draw the design first on the paper and trace it on the boots using yellow carbon paper

STEP 3:-

Paint the branches with Acrylic Colours - Black and White. Refer to the image for clarity

STEP 4:-

Paint the flowers with Acrylic Colours - Orange, Chrome Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and outline with Black. Paint the swirls with Yellow Ochre and Sap Green

STEP 5:-

The inner side of the boots are painted with leaves using Acrylic Colours - Yellow Ochre and Sap Green

STEP 6:-

Draw a few leaves on the swirls as well with Acrylic Colours - Yellow Ochre and Sap Green. Refer to the image

you will need

Fevicryl Soft Acrylic Colours - Orange 217, Chrome Yellow 203, Crimson 204, Black 202, White 227, Dark Brown 205, Ultramarine Blue 223, Yellow Ochre 226, Sap Green 221, Colour Palette, Fine Art Brushes, A4 Sized Drawing Paper, Yellow Carbon Paper, Water Container, Pencil, A Pair Of Suede Boots