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Miniature glass painting

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By PADMAJA | Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Difficulty Level Beginner

This elegant glass painting is a weight less and can be hanged even on the front door of our beautiful house.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Trace the peacock design on the OHP sheet using Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliner Copper. Let it dry completely.

STEP 2:-

Colour the design using Fevicryl Glass Colours. Decorate it with 3D Cone Outliners as shown in the picture.

STEP 3:-

Paste the lace, attractive stones and sequences with Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue.

STEP 4:-

Paste the entire elegant peacock on the ivory colour mount board with Fabric Glue.
Now the design is ready to gifted...

you will need

Fevicryl Glass Colours Solvent Based, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliner Copper 353, Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue, Lace sequins and stones, OHP sheet and mount board.