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Leaf Printing On The Walls

Oct. 5, 2020
You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Light Green 12, Sap Green 21, Greenery 67, Fine Art Brushes, Leaves, Used News Paper, Colour Palette, Water Container.

Description :

The simplest of ways to bring nature home is making a leaf print on the wall. Learn how to do this in a very easy way!



STEP 1 : Selecting the leaves

• Paint your walls using the print making technique using the real leaves. We have used Plumeria flower leaf for printing on the walls using Acrylic Colours. • Take 2, 3 leaves of Plumeria flower with appropriate shape and the size which will look proper on the walls after printing.

STEP 2 : Apply the colours

• Apply the Acrylic Colours Light Green 12, Sap Green 21 and Greenery 67 with the help of a brush on the rear side of the leaves.

STEP 3 : Remove excess colours

• Remove the excess colour to avoid the dripping of the colour on the used news paper.

STEP 4 : Make the print

• Make the prints on the respective wall in repetitive manner. • Leave it to dry completely. • Your finished wall will look like this.