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King and Queen Mirror Frames

| Mixed Media

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

This King and Queen Mirrors are painted using Glass Colours. You can have them displayed on your wardrobes as a design element and they are easy and simple to make.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

King and Queen Mirror Frames - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take 2 oval shaped MDF wooden placemats

STEP 2:-

King and Queen Mirror Frames - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Take a picture reference of a king and a queen from a pack of cards
Enlarge it to the size of the placemat

STEP 3:-

King and Queen Mirror Frames - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Divide the placemats diagonally in two parts, the upper smaller and the lower bigger
Paint a base coat on the upper half side with Acrylic Colour - White
Let it dry
Trace the King and Queen's picture on the painted white portions and outline them in Glass Colour Outliner - Black
Leave it to dry

STEP 4:-

King and Queen Mirror Frames - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

Paint the King and the Queen using Glass Colours - Golden Yellow, Crystal Green, Tomato Red, Sea Blue and Black
Leave it to dry

STEP 5:-

King and Queen Mirror Frames - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

Cut the mirror in the size and the shape of the remaining area of the placemats
Make a loop out of a thick yarn and paste it on the rear side of the placemat using No Stitch Fabric Glue and paper

you will need

Hobby Ideas - Water Based - Glass Colours, Fevicryl Acrylic Colour - White 27, Fine Art Brushes, Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue A4 Sized White Papers, Yellow Carbon Paper, MDF Oval Placemat, Mirrors, Sponge, Pencil, Thick Yarn