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Halloween Headgear

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Sunflower Kit, Fevicryl Shilpkar, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliner Burnt Sienna 706, Black 708., Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art brushes, Helmet

Description :
To trick your friends this Halloween, upcycle your helmet into a spooky costume for Halloween.
This can also be teamed up as an accessory for Halloween with any costume.
While working on the Halloween head gear, take a helmet and clean the surface that needs to be painted. To upcycle the helmet into a spooky Halloween head gear/accessory, we will have to paint a few features that are commonly related to Halloween costumes like the brain, vampire teeth, a spooky eye and an incy wincy spider.
Start off with painting the surface with a base coat of pink which will be a mixture of deep brilliant purple and white from the sunflower kit. Let this dry for a couple of minutes.
Work with crimson to give slight details of the brain structure. Let this dry for a couple of minutes.
Use black to work on the finer details of the brain. Let this dry for a couple of minutes. That’s the first feature of your Halloween head accessory.
To paint the vampire teeth, paint the front portion of the helmet with a base coat of white. Let this dry for a couple of minutes.
Use black to work on the details of each tooth and paint the lips using crimson.
The cover glass of the helmet can be used to paint a single eye, which will also allow some space to see through while wearing the Halloween head gear. Paint the eye using white, black and paint the finer details of the eyeball with crimson.
The helmet that is used in this project had a small object jutting out on the top (which allows to adjust the guard). Wondered if this could be converted into an incy wincy spider! Use a little Shilpkar, mould and make the head of the spider. Stick this onto the brain portion using fabric glue. If the top of the helmet is a plain surface, a spider can be molded using Fevicryl shilpkar.
Paint the spider with colours of your choice. In this project, burnt sienna has been used as a base coat, on top of which a little detailing has been done using light green, sap green and white.
Use Fevicryl 3D outliner to work on other details such as the eyes and limbs. Burnt sienna and Black 3D outliners have been used here.
Wait for the entire project to dry. A coat of Fevicryl fabric glue can be used to protect the painting from small scratches. If you would want to keep the Halloween spooky face for another occasion, you may have to use varnish to seal the paint.