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Gond Style Painted Saree

| Fabric Craft > Fabric Painting Designs

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

This beautifully painted saree looks so elegant  and can be worn for special occasions. Paint and wear it and make your self feel special.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take a plain cotton light coloured saree with a zari border. Join two full sized papers in the size of the saree pallu (36 inches of pallu).

STEP 2:-

Draw a Gond Painting styled design on the paper. We have got inspired by this beautiful tree and animal forms so typical of the Gond art form.

STEP 3:-

Wet the pallu of the saree and squeeze out all the extra water. Dilute the colours with water and randomly dab 36 inches of the pallu with Acrylic Colours - Lemon Yellow, Orange, Pink, Light Green and Cerulean Blue, giving it a water colour effect. Leave it to dry

STEP 4:-

Trace the design in the centre of the saree pallu. The spaces on the left and right side of the tree is then filled in with half trees drawn on either sides. Refer the image for clarity.

STEP 5:-

Divide the tree trunk and its branches horizontally and outline the whole tree with 3D Cone Outliner – Black. The trunk and the branches are further filled in with vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines and the leaves with dotted lines (Refer to the image)

STEP 6:-

Paint the birds with Sparkling Pearl Colour - Golden Green. The face, beak and the eye with Acrylic Colours – Black and White. Leave it to dry.

STEP 7:-

Create a line pattern with 3D Cone Outliners Pearl – Green and Yellow as shown in the image. Paint the animals using Sparkling Pearl Colours - Golden Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Golden Green and Silver. Let it dry.

STEP 8:-

Enhance all the animals further with linear patterns using 3D Cone Outliners Pearl - Green, Blue, Pearl Metallic - Bronze and Gold.

STEP 9:-

The birds and the animals near the side trees are painted in the shade of grey made by mixing Acrylic Colour – Black and Sparkling Pearl Colour – Silver and are further enhanced using a linear parttern on the birds and animals with 3D Outliner Pearl Black.

you will need

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours - Lemon Yellow 11, Orange 17, Pink 18, Light Green 12, White 27, Black 02, Cerulean Blue 32, Fevicryl Sparkling Pearl Colours - Silver 910, Golden Yellow 907, Turquoise Blue 905, Golden Green 911, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliners - Black 708, Yellow 703, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliner non Sticky Pearl - Black 306, Blue 305, Green 304, Pearl Metallic – Gold 352, Bronze 355, Fine Art Brushes, Full Imperial Sized White Papers, Yellow Carbon Papers, Cotton Saree