Garba Decoration

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colour - White 27, Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Pearl Metallic - Gold 352, Hobby Ideas 15mm Pink Family Quilling Strips,Quilling Tool, Fine Art Brushes, Fevicol MR,Quilling Tool, Readymade Terracotta Garba Pot, Water Container, Colour Palette, Light Pink Coloured Thread Pink Coloured Beads, Scissors.

Description :

Try this great garba decoration idea using paper quilling for this Navratri! You can customize your garba decorations as per your paper quilling skills and the theme you are following for the season.


Take a terracotta garba pot. Paint the pot by giving the first coat with White 27. Leave it to dry. After drying, paint the pot with Pearl Metallic Gold. Leave it to dry.
We are making an interesting garba pot with a detachable floral jacket using the quilling techinique. We will need different shades of pink coloured quilling strips and a quilling tool to make different shapes. Quill the strips to make loose coils. Make big and small teardrop shapes and few leaves and keep them aside. First take the leaf shapes, join the leaf shape to make a continues chain. Make the leaf shaped chain in the size of the periphery of the bottom edge of the garba and the upper edge / neck. You will need 2 leaf chains in two different sizes mentioned in above point. Refer to the main image.
Similarly, take small sized teardrop shapes Arrange and stick the teardrop shapes together to make a flower using Fevicol MR. Leave it to dry.
Make about 10 to 12 such flowers of different colours. Refer to the image.
Stick all the flowers above on the leaf shape chain using Fevicol MR. Leave it to dry. Make about 2 such quilled flowers with a chain of leaves.
Repeat the process by building these quilling shapes to cover the garba pot as seen in the image. Your jacket for the garba pot will look like this after joining all the shapes.
Now create the cover for the lid. Take few quilled shapes of leaves and teardrop shapes. Create the leaf chain around the lid of the pot to create a cover for the lid using Fevicol MR. Refer to the image.
Secure the jacket by tying a light pink coloured thread from the rear side of the quilled design. Secure the ends of the thread with few pink coloured beads. Refer to the main image. Now that you have a Garba pot decoration idea, try out different quilled shapes to decorate the Garba for a fun filled, colourful and creative Navratri!