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Fun Fishes

| Fabric Craft > Other Fabric Crafts

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Intermediate

These dangling fabric fishes are made without stitching the fabric. Just stick the pieces of fabric together, stuff some cotton and your fun fishes are ready to add a handmade touch to your home decor

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

To cut the plain coloured (red) fabric into a semi oval shape, fold the fabric into half. The straight folded side of the fabric measures about 12" approximately
The broader end of the fabric is the fishs face and the narrow side is its tail.
You may draw the template on the white paper for tracing on the fabric to make a number of fishes

STEP 2:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Take a printed fabric and cut it in the same size as that of the plain fabric (red) with one straight cut towards the where the face is.

STEP 3:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Stick the edges of the red fabric from fish's face side till mid ways
Stick the printed fabric on the red fabric as shown in the image
Stick only the lower edge of the printed fabric with No Stitch Fabric Glue
Let it dry

STEP 4:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

Stuff the fish with cotton
Gather and tie the tail end tightly with a thread or wool
Cut a pair of fins from the plain fabric (red) and stick them on the upper side using No Stitch Fabric Glue

STEP 5:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

Stick ornamental stones with No Stitch Fabric Glue on the edge of the printed fabric and some more on the design of the printed fabric
Let it dry

STEP 6:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 6 | Hobbyideas

Make a big eye with Liquid Embroidery Cone - White and Black
Let it dry

STEP 7:-

Fun Fishes  - Step 7 | Hobbyideas

String a black coloured wool on the head of the fish for hanging as shown in the image
Repeat the same process to make more fishes in different colours

you will need

No Stitch Fabric Glue, Fevicryl Liquid Embroidery Cone Colours - White 707, Black 708. A4 Sized White Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Printed And Plane Fabric, Ornamental Stones, Black Wool Or Thread.


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