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Dolls On Clay Blocks

| Clay Modeling

By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Intermediate

Its so much fun to play with clay, this Stone clay and Corky clay are the clays with textures and are fun to work with, make these fun blocks and paint the dolls on them or make beads and jewellery that you can actually wear.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take stone clay and cork clay

STEP 2:-

Roll the stone clay into a nice ball and then shape it further into a cube
Repeat the same with the other clay
The cubes should be of the same size

STEP 3:-

Leave it to dry completely (it may take a day or two to dry)

STEP 4:-

Paint four faces on the four lateral sides of the cube made in stone clay
The bodies of the dolls or painted on the cork clay on four lateral sides
Leave it to dry

STEP 5:-

You can play with the blocks and change and match the faces to the bodies as per your choice

you will need

Stone Clay, Cork Clay, Fine Art Brushes, Rangeela Tempera Colours Pencil