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Coconut Shell Dangler

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By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

In our daily life routine coconut is used in cooking as well it in case of any auspicious occasion, hence we have lots of coconut shell lying in our house. 
Reuse them and create this beautiful dangler which can be hung on your living room.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Coconut Shell Dangler - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Take 6 pieces of the coconut shells and smoothen the rough surface of the shells with sand paper.

STEP 2:-

Coconut Shell Dangler - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Mix Fevicryl Non Sticky Shilpkar Resin Base and Hardener thoroughly to make an even dough. Take the dough, roll it further to make the coils. Stick these coils on the edges of each shell and also make four loops on each side of the shell for hanging.

STEP 3:-

Coconut Shell Dangler - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Draw and paint the floral motifs from the Kerala mural painting form, on the rear surface of the shell using Fevicryl Soft Acrylic Colours - Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203, Olive Green 216, Orange 217 and Ultramarine Blue 223, respectively. Paint the coils and the loops using Fevicryl Pearl Metallic Colour - Gold 352.

STEP 4:-

Coconut Shell Dangler - Step 4 | Hobbyideas

Stick few small diamond shaped decorative mirrors on the floral motifs using Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue.

STEP 5:-

Coconut Shell Dangler - Step 5 | Hobbyideas

Dangle the painted shells using a jute yarn. Create few cylindrical shaped beads with Shilpkar and put it around the jute yarn randomly. Paint the beads using Fevicryl Soft Acrylic Colours - Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203 and Orange 217. Refer to the image.

you will need

Fevicryl Soft Acrylic Colours - Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203, Olive Green 216, Orange 217, Ultramarine Blue 223, Fevicryl Pearl Metallic - Gold 352, Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue, Fevicryl Non Sticky Shilpkar, Fine Art Brushes, Colour Palette, 6 Pieces Of Coconut Shells, Sand Paper, Small Diamond Shaped Mirrors, Jute Yarn, Pencil, Water Container