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Clay Bowls

| Clay Modeling

By Pattie | Nicobar, Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Difficulty Level Intermediate

Whimsical and fun, this little trio of bowls are just as much fun to make! Get the feel of handling natural clay and the satisfaction of creating something for your home that you can leave in the natural state, or paint any color you desire.

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Clay Bowls - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

Gather supplies: White Air Dry Natural Clay, Roller, Plastic Wrap, Ruler, Plastic Straw, Various Bowls.
Roll clay into a ball then flatten onto plastic wrap.
Cover with second sheet of plastic wrap and roll with roller to ¼” thickness.

STEP 2:-

Clay Bowls - Step 2 | Hobbyideas

Cover bowls with plastic wrap.
Press clay into plastic covered bowls.
Pierce clay with plastic straw to create holes.
Pinch top edges of clay to finish.
Cover loosely with plastic wrap.

STEP 3:-

Clay Bowls - Step 3 | Hobbyideas

Let clay dry slowly until completely firm. (This might take several days to avoid cracking the clay.)
When completely dry, release the bowls and remove plastic wrap.

you will need

White Air Dry NATURAL Clay( These are own Manufactured products or the products which are imported and marketed by pidilite throught the retail chain outlets - Hobbyideas stores) You may not need to add any thing in this as of now ,Roller, Plastic Wrap, Ruler, Plastic Straw, Various Bowls