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Canvas Painted Wall Mirror

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By Hobby Ideas

Difficulty Level Beginner

Canvas painted wall mirror


how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take a 28’’x 40’ sized fine art canvas piece.

STEP 2:-

Draw a Madhubani tree design with a peacock and a fish border at the base of the tree. Refer the main image.

STEP 3:-

You may draw it first on the paper and trace the same on the canvas.

STEP 4:-

Make a shade of green by mixing Acrylic Color - Sap Green, Olive Green and White and dab it on the entire area of the tree.

STEP 5:-

Paint the details of the tree with Acrylic Color - Vandyke Brown, Indian Red and Off White and shades made by mixing Chrome Yellow and White.

STEP 6:-

Paint the sun using Sparkling Pearl Color – Orange.

STEP 7:-

Paint the water in Sparkling Pearl Color - Turquoise Blue.

STEP 8:-

Paint the fishes,peacocks, birds and the bushes with Sparkling Pearl Colors - Poppy Red, Turquoise Blue, Golden Yellow, Orange, Violet, Silver and Dark Copper and acrylic Black and White.

STEP 9:-

Enhance the birds, peacocks and the fishes further by sticking silver ornamental stones using No stitch fabric glue.

STEP 10:-

Cut out the lower fish border and attach a mirror in between the two cut sections with a fine art canvas support behind, overlapping the two cut sections from the rear side.

STEP 11:-

Machine stitch a full length fabric from behind. Create a tunnel on the top for the rod to pass through for hanging.

you will need

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours - Black 02, White 27, Sap Green 21, Chrome Yellow 03, Golden Yellow 09, Vandyke Brown 37, Indian Red 10, Fevicryl Sparkling Pearl Colours - Poppy Red 901, Turquoise Blue 905, Golden Yellow 907, Orange 903, Violet 906, Silver 910, Dark Copper 914, Fevicryl 3D Cone Outliners - Black 708, Fevicryl No Stitch Fabric Glue, Fine Art Canvas Roll 40’’x 28’’, Fine Art Brushes, Water Container, Colour Palette, Full Imperial Sized Papers, Pencil, Scale, White Fabric Of Same Size (40” x 28”), Mirror – 28’’x 9’’ And Silver Ornamental Stones