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Candle DIY

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By TANAYA | BURDWAN, West Bengal

Difficulty Level Intermediate

It's a photo candle.. Its a easy method to transfer a photo info a candle..
For more information, contact me : tanayatalapatra143@gmail.com

how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Candle DIY - Step 1 | Hobbyideas

As i did not click photographs of the step by step, I will explain you the method to make these Candles...The material needed is easily available in the market.

STEP 2:-

Take a tissue paper or a tracing paper.. Glue it on a A4 size paper.. Then print on it whatever you want or you can also draw on it.....

STEP 3:-

Cut the photograph outlines as much as you can..
Then take the tracing paper and glue it on the candle where you want to put the picture....

STEP 4:-

Then hold to wax paper tightly with the wax side facing to the photo....
Blow a hair dryer on to it.. Maintain a distance, otherwise it will melt your candle..

STEP 5:-

After 30-40 sec, your picture will become brighter as it will merge into your candle ....
*Don't remove the wax paper right then....

STEP 6:-

Keep it for some time, and let the candle col down. Then slowly removed the wax paper.. And you will find your picture in in the candle.....

STEP 7:-

If not, then repeat the process once again......


you will need

Pillar candles, Wax paper, Tissues paper or tracing paper, A4 size paper, Glue(Fevistik/Fevicol MR), hair dryer.