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Paper Quilling Art

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Quilling for Kids - DIY Keychain

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Sparkling Tiara with Quilled Flowers

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Kite earrings

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Quilled earrings

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Quilling Art

Paper quilling – the technique of coiling and shaping thin strips of paper is known as quilling. The genesis of quilling dates back to Renaissance period where nuns and monks would use the remaining trimmings from bookmaking to decorate religious objects. This technique then travelled to England and later to the Atlantic where ladies would embellish baskets and small pieces of furniture to give a filigree effect.

Quilling has given a whole new perspective and dimension to paper as a craft. It is a basic technique with paper strips that helps create so many wonderful and innovative things. When it comes to Quilling Art, the choices are huge, right from plain coloured strips to metallic coloured strips, strips that come in a gradation of shades from the same family shade; broad strips to really thin strips.

Paper Quilling art requires a few basic things to begin with; one would need a quilling tool with a slight slot that helps the strips to be inserted for rolling and glue to stick the strips. A quilling board that's optional but required for few projects that need consistent sizes of coils. Paper Quilling molds to give a 3 dimensional look and to make varied quilling designs. A pair of scissors to finely cut broad strips to make fringed flowers. A lot of Quilling designs can be built up considering the theme of the article or project being conceptualized.

Shapes of quills can be myriad – make basic forms like petals and flowers, half - moon, teardrops, ring coils, open filigree shapes, huskings, wheatears, 3D shapes, fringed flowers and more. Use these shapes to embellish all your handmade gifts, over gift wrappers and cards.

Paper Quilling is popular for handmade cards and greeting cards for all occasions. They are used to embellish and enhance vases and small home decorative articles. Beautiful jewelry - earrings, neck pieces / pendants and finger rings too can be made by the 3D paper quilling technique.