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Origami for Kids & Adults

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How to Make Origami

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means “to fold” and “gami” means paper, put together it means the art of paper folding. It is an art form that passes from one generation to the other, from parent to child, which has been an age old tradition. The concept behind this technique of paper folding is to create forms like animals, birds, fish, geometric shapes, puppets, toys and masks by merely folding paper.

How to make origami shapes comes from understanding the basic origami techniques, which are to be learnt. Once you have mastered these basic techniques then the sky is the limit for you to create any origami style. Origami teaches simple diagrams of basic folds like valley and mountain folds, pleats, reverse folds, squash folds, and sinks. There are various kinds of origami and here are a few common ones – action origami, modular origami, wet folding, purel, origami tessellations, kirigami etc.

Today origami is a very popular hobby and art form all over the world. Origami is a popular hobby in Japan for both children and adults. Before the advent of television and video games, origami was a common form of indoor entertainment for Japanese children. Origami is used for a number of ceremonial and religious purposes, such as the ornamentation of temples and ancestral shrines, presentation of gifts and temple offerings, preparations for New Year celebrations, and the decoration of plaques commemorating special occasions.

How to make origami flowers is something that is often looked up and is rather involving to learn. It is amazing how paper folding can create so many wonderful forms. There are so many beautifully printed and colored origami papers available that make it possible to create so many things to decorate.