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Card Making & Scrapbooking Ideas

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DIY Mother's Day Exploding Card

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Diwali card

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Card for Dussehra

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Greeting card


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Card Making and Scrapbooking ideas

Handmade greeting cards are a pleasure to receive. It lends a personal touch and is always appreciated since it has been made personally. Handmade cards always hold a special place in people's mind as it does have a sentimental value to it when given to someone special on a very special occasion. Card making ideas are galore and it purely depends on one's creativity as to how the end product will look like.

Greeting cards add that special touch of sentiments when given, as it goes a long way for people who receive it and cherish it. Cards can say a lot by the way they are made and presented and this holds true for any occasion. There are cards for every occasion be it a birthday, an anniversary, wedding, house warming, congratulations, the birth of a baby girl or a boy, even for people mourning there are well worded cards that can convey so much. There are endless ideas when it comes to greeting card making. Where actions at times fail a simple act of giving handmade cards with meaningful words and a related theme can work and be effective.

Scrapbooking is another concept that can be personalized to capture those special moments and occasions in a different way. Capturing moments of several occasions in a scrapbook has been done since years on end. It's a fancy way to decorate the pictures, write a bit on the occasion, be a holiday or a birthday; it gets very interesting to build up pages and pages as each one has a story to tell. It's a good idea to gift a scrapbook full of memories to a close friend and we are sure that it's a very good feeling to receive it too.

Involve your children in making these crafts and see how well they develop their skills of imagination and creation. Both greeting card making and scrapbooking ideas are great indoor activities that kids will always be drawn to. Children can build on scrapbooks on numerous topics. It can be both personal as well as educational. They can make it their hobby by thematically compiling a scrapbook say for instance on nature, their walk into nature where they can gather rare leaves, observe insects and click pictures of them and have a little something written about it. Their experience overall on what all they have encountered through little anecdotes and notes to re- live their journey each time they flip through the pages. Scrapbooking ideas galore, we just need to let our imagination run wild.