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Fabric Painting Designs & Ideas

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Personalized Tote Bags for Republic Day

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Sphinx tote bag

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Bag with Dalmatians

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Be Kaali

T-shirt painting

The Atrangi shoes and jacket

Fabric Painting

My buddy and me

Block Painting Rug

Apron with African design

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Fabric painting

Fabric painting

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Fabric Painting Designs

Fabric painting is the application of specialized paints on fabric. Ideally tightly woven fabrics are perfect to paint on like cotton and silk. A lot of interesting effects can be got on fabric through different painting techniques like splattering / sponging, these techniques can be used on almost all fabric types without restrictions. Painting on fabric using a toothbrush also would give you a look that's different. Stenciling on fabric with the sponge dabbing technique, rollers can also be used. Various different shapes and sizes of designed stamps can be used depending on the fabric that needs to be painted. One stroke painting on fabric like a saree is very well accepted and done popularly amongst ardent hobbyist and artists. There are a lot of inspirations that can be got regarding fabric painting designs and patterns.

The consistencies of paints that are used for fabric painting are varied too. Runny and watered down paints are usually used to create a transparent effects, opaque paints are used to cover the fabric well, there are also puffy paints that give your work a relief raised look. While painting on fabric one should consider the final effect once it dries, at times the paint if strained tends to crack on fabric.

Pants, jackets, and shirts can all be painted, as can household items such as napkins and drapes. Items that need to be washed must be treated with additional care when they have been painted, as the paint may come off. Fabric painting is an excellent and versatile technique for decorating fabric items and can be used to give old clothes new style. Fabric painting designs can be explored on various garments to get your own style quotient.