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how to make a homemade stencil


Nikita , Aug 25, 2016 1.15pm


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Answers (3)


Nilesh | Mumbai

You can take a OHP sheet trace the required motif. Cut the required area with a cutter and your Stencil is ready. Place the stencil on any cloth and sponge dab with acrylic colours to get the required effect.

Take chat paper or any old book cover and draw the shape you want and cut it on the shape your stencil is redy


KIRAN | Hyderabad

Hello Nikita,recently ive prepared a homemade stencil & used it on my dupatta.the final result was very good. Draw the required stencil design on the ivory sheet,c utout the outline part according to the design,next apply fabric glue on the stencil ,like a paint,let it dry completely. Finally ur stencil is ready to use.