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Can someone tell me how to stick Quilling Studs. I tried pasting but it comes off after some time.

Ekta Vora

Ekta Vora , Jul 04, 2016 3.06pm


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Answers (8)

You can try pasting it with Fevicol MR or Fevigum, use a tooth pick to apply it.

Ekta, you can cut four or five round pieces of paper (the size of the stud base you want to paste). Paste two papers on the quilled design then stick the stud, then stick the remaining paper pieces on the stud, piercing hole. That way the stud base will be secure. Hope this helps.


unique | Hyderabad

use febric glue... so that it won't come out... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWsqQQgO3Hpu1BKRMWxuYg?sub_confirmation=1

yes i guess i can help you you can do one buy GLUE GUN its costs only

you can use Fevicol


KIRAN | Hyderabad

Fabric glue is the best solution for all quilling crafts & jewelry fixation.

use fevicol marine to paste the quilling stud