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Can anyone suggest where can I get printed Glass for Tanjore glass painting in Pune or online. Or any suggestions on how to draw on glass the design, which pen to be used,etc...


Jeena , May 05, 2016 6.45pm


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Answers (2)

You get glass pencil markers in any hardware stores. you may get them in White or yellow colour Our regular CD marker pens can also be used on glass The best way is to TRACE the design on the glass using white, yellow or any other coloured carbon paper as per your requirement.

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Oh ok, will try. Thanks a lot.


Prashant | Pune

Do not use any pen on glass ,your pen can get damage also . instead of using pen u can draw one stencil on rough paper and place behind the glass so that the stencil did not move and with the glass liner draw your design