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Valentine's Day Card

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It's an easy way of expressing love to your loved one...al you need is a red coloured paper, silver foam sheet, stone stickers....!!!!

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Valentine's Day Card

Take a 20cm X 20cm red coloured sheet. Fold the sheet as shown in picture.

step 2

Mark points at a distance of 1cm and starting from third point, draw half-heart shape lines.

step 3

Valentine's Day Card

After drawing 8 such lines, cut at the first and last line to get as shown in picture.

step 4

Valentine's Day Card

Unfold the paper and cut at lines as shown in picture.

step 5

Valentine's Day Card

Now take a plain red sheet and paste silver foam sheet over it, as is visible in picture. Put glue at the centre of heart shape cutout and paste it on the foam sheet.

step 6

Valentine's Day Card

Lift the strips in first, third, fifth, and so on and press them as shown in figure.

step 7

Valentine's Day Card

You can write the message and decorate it with stone stickers.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Red coloured sheet, silver foam sheet, fevicryl fabric glue, red marker pen, stone stickers.


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