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Sini Anoop - Quiled wall decor

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Its a quilled (Wall decor) work made for the present contest CraftYourFame. The work shows, the love birds amidst the beautiful pink and red flowers

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Sini Anoop - Quiled wall decor

Take a cardboard (here I have taken a round one- Cakebase), stick the background paper (Thick Craft paper) onto it. Draw the main outline of the sketch

step 2

Sini Anoop - Quiled wall decor

Make different quilled shapes, and make flowers and leaves out of it. To give a shine, I have applied a coat of modpodge on the flowers

step 3

Sini Anoop - Quiled wall decor

start arranging the flowers and leaves on the sketch, once your satisfied with the layout, you can apply glue and stick them on. Give an outline to the birds, and start pasting the quilled shapes on the birds to complete it.

step 4

Sini Anoop - Quiled wall decor

Give an outline to the heart (visible section) and branches by sticking the quilling paper vertically. Fill the branches with quilled shapes. Finally stick the remaining flowers and leaves and complete the wall decor.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Cardboard (Cake base) Craft paper Quilling paper Quilling tools Modpodge Fevicol


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