Fevicryl Creative Challenge

It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Love greeting card

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I have used jovees facial box single use. And recycled it for making this greeting card

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Love greeting card

First make rose quiling of white paper and pink chart paper. And stick in the following sequence. Add diamond beads or any beads u like. And write happy valentine's or any msg in the centre

step 2

Love greeting card

For this u need double side tape. Cut a square shape sheet and cut rectangle in centre. One done. Make a girl and boy as shown in the image. Colour them as u desire. Now stick the boy at the end of the centre rectangle. For the girl to move. Take a red strip or cut a strip of 1 cm in height and strip should be long enough to be pulled out from the card so tht the girl reaches the boy. Add a white heart at the end of the strip. Add any msg u desire on the strip. Now assemble everything. Put the square on the box. Use double side tape so that there is gap enough for the strip to move.add small double side tape only to the corner of the card. Now put the strip in btwn were the rectangle is der. Now stick the girl layout on the redstrip using double side tape. And volla it's ready pull the strip n the girl reaches out to the boy.

step 3

Love greeting card

Write a note of ur special moments. Remember we are making 2 side greeting card.

step 4

The note in the upper image is exactly behind this card. For making this card u require 2 sheets. On one sheet leave 4cm space from both side and draw 4cm line upwards on both side and give a cut. Now fold the paper which is cut. Open the card and press the cut in wards. Now again close the card and leave 3 cm space give another 3cm cut upwads. Fold the cut region. And open the card and refold inwards. Again close the card and leave 2cm space and cut 2cm above and repeat the same process. U will get all the rectangles inside. Cut hearts and stick to the rectangular areas. Write wat u want. And it card is all ready

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Jovees single use facial kit box paper chartpaper Fevicol diamond strip black pen and white pen


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