Fevicryl Creative Challenge

It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Heart to Heart

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My creation is a gift envelope with the Valentine day theme, with red and pink hearts on one side, neatly tied together with a red ribbon, while having love birds and flowers on the other side. On opening the envelope, there are two more red and pink hear

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Heart to Heart

Cut cardboard for the envelope in the shape shown in this image. I've chosen yellow color so that pink and red hearts will look bright against the yellow background.

step 2

Heart to Heart

On a white cardboard, make patterns of flowers using the stamp and ink pad. Using heart shape stencils (cookie shaper), draw heart shape outlines (2 big ones and 2 smaller ones) on the cardboard and then cut them out.

step 3

Heart to Heart

On another portion of the white cardboard, using stamp and pigment ink stamp pad, make patterns of birds like the ones shown in this picture

step 4

Heart to Heart

Take a pink cardboard and place the heart shape stencil and draw heart shape outline. When cutting out the heart shape, make sure you cut it slightly bigger than the outline you drew.

step 5

Heart to Heart

Two big hearts cut out in step 2 are now pasted upon the two pink hearts cut out in step 4. For the birds pattern we created in step 3, cut the portion into a rectangle and add some more flower patterns using the stamp and stamp pad like we did in step 2.

step 6

Heart to Heart

Just a look at different items being used in the process

step 7

Heart to Heart

The rectangle cardboard having the birds and flowers, I will now paste that on a red cardboard of same rectangular shape but slightly bigger size. I also gave a rounded shape to all corners of both the top and bottom rectangular cardboards. Using a sponge, I also dabbed some reddish pink color along the edges of the top white cardboard.

step 8

Heart to Heart

Final assembly. On the top face of the envelope, I stuck the two hearts (got from step 5), also wrapped a red satin ribbon around them. I have also put a 'Just For You' stamp using a stamp and ink pad. On one side face, I have stuck the birds and flowers pattern (for in step 7). For the other side, I have stuck the two smaller size hearts (cut out in step 2) on a red rectangular cardboard and then stuck the red cardboard to the yellow cardboard below.

step 9

Heart to Heart

Fold and paste the edges of the yellow cardboard such that we get a envelope like the one shown in this picture. Place your gift card (or cash) inside the envelope

step 10

Heart to Heart

Final product

step 11

Heart to Heart

Some more pictures of my creation from different angles

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Cardboard - Yellow, white, pink, red Fevistik glue Heart shape stencils Pencil Sketch pens Stamp and Stamp ink pads Sponge Scissors


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