Fevicryl Creative Challenge

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Heart shape Love cushion

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Made this love cushion to gift my husband to have some cosy time on this Valentine...????

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Heart shape Love cushion

Take one fabric cloth, mark heart shape on cloth. Cut 2 pieces of same size for front and back of cushion

step 2

Heart shape Love cushion

Draw your design using pencil

step 3

Heart shape Love cushion

Color the background with light pink shade

step 4

Heart shape Love cushion

Fill different color shades on heart designs.and highlight the hearts with silver and gold

step 5

Heart shape Love cushion

Complete coloring and detailing of your design

step 6

Heart shape Love cushion

Attache front and back panel of your heart and stitch. Keep 3 to 4 inches to fill the cotton fibres in cushion.

step 7

Heart shape Love cushion

Fill cotton fibres and stitch left over space (space left for cotton filling) with hand. And your LOVE CUSHION is ready. And start having some cosy time with your LOVE.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Material required- 1. White fabric, 2. Fevicryl acrylic color (shades of pink, silver, gold,white, maroon), 3. Chalk, 4 pencil,5. Scissors, 6 paint brush, 7. Sewing machine, 8. White thread, 9.cotton fibres for filling/stuffing in cushion


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Prashant Jijotiya

Prashant Jijotiya

Posted 1 year ago

Beautiful article


Posted 1 year ago

Nice creation..


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