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Handmade love card

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A handmade slider love card for your loved one using craft papers and a few decorative accessories.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Handmade love card

Measure and cut the required length out of the craft sheets

step 2

Handmade love card

Now mark the measurements for the slider and cut it out

step 3

Handmade love card

Cut out another white sheet of same size as the first one( i. e a litle smaller than the red one) and paste it on the red one.. Then using double tape paste the white sheet with slider cutout upon that.

step 4

Handmade love card

Cut a horizontal slider out of white sheet.Cut out a heart shape out of red sheet and cut it into exact half.

step 5

Handmade love card

Paste one half of the heart on the end of the horizontal slider using double tape and another half on side of cutout so that on pushing in pulling out the slider the heart pieces meet each other.

step 6

Handmade love card

Decorate using glitter pens and markers.

step 7

Handmade love card

Add some decorative accessories such as stones etc. and some love quotes ????

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Craft sheets, decorative accessories,glitter pens,fevicol,scissors,scale and cutter


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