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ColoursOfLove Valentine'sday Gifts

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Handmade small gifts are very easy to make. And can be given to anyone on Valentine's day . Heart shaped Padant and key chains made using Fevicryl shilpakar, Fevicryl acrylic and perl colours.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

ColoursOfLove Valentine'sday Gifts

Heart Shaped Key Chain- Cut equal amount from shilpakar Resin base & hardener,mix both by rolling between the palms.by rolling it will become long,fold it into half and twist it like a rope .

step 2

ColoursOfLove Valentine'sday Gifts

Now make some rolls and set it on plastic base help of telcom powder.now cut it in heart shape with mold.then take a another twisted roll and cove it all over the outline as shown in the picture.And attach the key chain , stones with it carefully.

step 3

After drying color it with Fevicryl acrylic & pearl colours.

step 4

ColoursOfLove Valentine'sday Gifts

Teddy bear key chain and Padant are made with shilpakar..as shown in picture..after making let it dry.

step 5

ColoursOfLove Valentine'sday Gifts

Now color it with Fevicryl acrylic & Pearl colours.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Fevicryl shilpakar, Fevicryl acrylic & pearl colors,chain,key chains, decorative stones, heart shaped mould,colour palette,fine art brushes.


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