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Colours of Love Key Chain

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Valentine's day..... means key of Love. I made this key chain as gift..as it is a symbol of Love. I made it using Quilling Techniques.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Colours of Love Key Chain

Draw and cut a heart shape on paper. Fix it by pins on thormocol Base.now make a heart shape with paper strips and glue as shown . Make some rolled pieces of strips for filling in heart shape.

step 2

Colours of Love Key Chain

Assemble all over the rolled strips in shape of heart the help of glue.

step 3

Colours of Love Key Chain

Attache key chain and decorate it with decorative materials.cut and paste the golden sticker on it. I have color it on out side with Fevicryl crimson red .

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Red Quilling strips,fevicryl acrylic crimson red colour,fevicryl hobby idea no Stitch fabric glue, Quilling tool,pins,fine art brush , decorative stones, key chain, sicissors ,pencil, paper cutter for cutting love sticker,small seized golden paper


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