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3 layered Paper Cake

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Its a 3 layered square cake, each layer box has a gift in it. In all this contains 3 gift boxes shaped in a Cake.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

3 layered Paper Cake

Tutorial: Take a 7 by 7 base cardboard or chipboard. I have used white chipboard. Make hollow boxes, Make corresponding lids. 5.755.752 4.754.752 3.753.752 Matt everything with red cardstock (you can take any color). Matt only Lids (you can also matt boxes) with pattern paper. Made border strip (with border punch )for the bottom of boxes with red cardstock. (If you are matting boxes with pattern paper, this step is not needed) Have stick the burlap ribbon (From Craftsneed) on the border of the base and the lids. Glued the largest box onto base. Then glue the middle box on the lid of the largest box Glued the smallest box on the lid of the middle box. For more explanation you can watch video. For the top of the smallest lid, have cut a piece of pattern paper and stick it Now the part of decorations, I have used few hearts, flowers, flower petals, fillers and pearls, die cut from the pattern paper pack and chipboard element from Papericious. The flowers I used are from store. The papericious chipboard element. I have heat embossed it with Red glitter embossing powder and yes, I loved the outcome. Wonderful designs. Finally fill up the boxes with whatever you wish to gift. I have filled the smallest box with pendant box and flowers on the inside corner of the box, middle box with chocolates, and the largest box with petals and a mini album. The mini album I had made is of 44 size as to fit in the box. Used hidden hinge and is having 6 pages with 3 tags for messages. Link to video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlJLRyXlQ-8

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Cardboard for boxes chipboard for base Pattern papers border punches Paper flowers Decorative items pollens fillers die cuts stickers chipboard elements other decorative items as per your requirements


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