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sprinkling quotes tshirt

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I have made this sprinkling tshirt using a sprinkling of colours technique using a toothbrush and then written quotes on it

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

sprinkling quotes tshirt

take a white color t shirt or any color of your choice i have used white

step 2

sprinkling quotes tshirt

Draw the random circles on the t shirt and cut the same size of circles from newspaper and paste on the t shirt with glue

step 3

sprinkling quotes tshirt

Take a toothbrush and green acrylic color and start sprinkling the color with the help of toothbrush as shown in picture

step 4

sprinkling quotes tshirt

now sprinkle pink color using the same technique as in step 3

step 5

sprinkling quotes tshirt

now take the blue color and sprinkle it and keep on doing these using these blue pink and green color till the desired shade is reached..you can give some extra finishing touching as you proceed ...mine u can check in the next step

step 6

sprinkling quotes tshirt

this is the shade i have done the sprinkling till

step 7

sprinkling quotes tshirt

do the same with the back the sprinkling of same colors and making pink and green color dots

step 8

sprinkling quotes tshirt

remove the pasted newspaper circles now

step 9

sprinkling quotes tshirt

color all the circles with copper acrylic color shade using flat brush i have used the shining one copper

step 10

sprinkling quotes tshirt

after the color in circle dried write the quotes of your choice in the circle using the black color marker

step 11

sprinkling quotes tshirt

make the random little big dots of pink and green color using flat brush

step 12

sprinkling quotes tshirt

take some buttons and fabric glue and stick the buttons in the bottom right corner of t shirt...i have used 3 buttons

step 13

sprinkling quotes tshirt

make the borders darken to give some dusty look in the end using same toothbrush technique and same colors and make borders darken till u desire i have given more darken shade in the left up and right down corners..can be done as desired and this is how the final product look

You Will NeedYou Will Need

white t shirt , toothbrush , flat brush , color marker , newspaper circle cutting , green, pink , dark blue , copper soft acrylic colour , buttons and fabric glue


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