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Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

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This is a painting made with just 5 colours... White, Crimson, Sap Green, Lemon Yellow and Black. Made freehand... still, sketched the basic placings to work with ease.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

I Bought a Reymond soft pant cloth... as it long lasts even after several washes. First, washed... ironed and stiched a cotton laze ( even that is washed and ironed)

step 2

Using pencil... I just drew the placings, where I need the design to be painted!

step 3

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

First started painting with white strokes... (I planned to do flowers, with petals round in shape & to have only two shades... ie., white and crimson)

step 4

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

Then started painting it with Crimson, when the white is still wet. (It'll be even more interesting when the flowers be both dark and also lighter in shades)

step 5

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

Now, then and there once the flowers are complete... I am painting the center with lemon yellow and dap a few black spots around it!

step 6

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

Now take sap green to make leaves... even though the leaves are dry finish, still we could make the joining stems wet, so that it looks little darker than the leaves

step 7

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

Now make buds (which is as similar as our flower, just make one petal separately & it'll turn into a bud once you finish it with sap green leaves)

step 8

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

So, now we have completed one sitter sofa cover with soft acrylic colours

step 9

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

Yes! Our 3(plus)2 sitter cover is ready to use... (Allow it to dry for a day & as we have painted using Soft Acrylic colours, we wouldn't be in a need to IRON the cloth in reverse... Just use it... Enjoy it... And Wash it after 7 days!!!

step 10

Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting

I've put it on my 2 single sitter sofa's... I just LOVED my Soft Acrylic Sofa Cover Painting... HOW ABOUT YOU!

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Soft Acrylic Colours (White, Crimson, Sap Green, Yellow & Black) Fine Art Round Synthetic Flat brush No: 2 Water bowl or No spill pot Pallette or flat plate or Glass or Tile Waste cloth (any used cotton material, to wipe the brush) Embroidery Ring or Frame to fix the cloth Pant Material (softer) (Running) (as per your required length and width) Cotton laze ( which is used for baby clothes (as we are going to use it for sofa covers, when we lean and sit, we feel it softer)


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