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Royal dupatta

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Krishna-Radha painting on a dupatta.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Draw the krishna-radha faces and peacock feathers on a royal blue colored dupatta with a white pencil.

step 2

Draw multiple vertical divisions on both the faces with the white pencil.

step 3

For Radha's face, paint each division with different shades of fevicryl soft acrylic colors crimson-204,orange-217,lemon yellow-211, white-227. For the eyes, use shades of fevicryl soft acrylic color light green-212 and for lips- crimson-204.

step 4

For Krishna's face, apply different bluish violet color shades to all the vertical divisions by mixing fevicryl soft acrylic color ultramarine blue-223, deep bril purple-254 and white-227. For eyes use different shades of burnt sienna-201 and for lips use orange-217.

step 5

For the hair of both the faces, use shades of fevicryl soft acrylic colors burnt sienna-201 and black-202 and create wavy lines with black -202. For the peacock feathers use fevicryl soft acrylic color sap green-221.

step 6

Stick white stones on the peacock feathers and eyes with fevicryl hobby ideas no stitch fabric glue.

step 7

Royal dupatta

Finally to complete the dupatta, use 3D outliner pearl white- 301 and make the jewellery on the ears and neck of Radha-Krishna.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Royal Blue dupatta, White pencil, water container, Brushes, Color palette, Fevicryl hobby ideas soft acrylic colors- white-227,crimson-204,sap green-221, light green-212, lemon yellow-211, black-202, deep bril purple-254, burnt sienna-201, orange-217, ultramarine blue-223, fevicryl 3D outliner Pearl white-301, white stones.


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