Fevicryl Creative Challenge

It's time to Recycle, Reuse and Repeat

Nack design of suite piece

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A beautiful nack design of suite piece...

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Take a plain suite piece and trace tha degisn at the back side.

step 2

Decorate the traced design by using white fevicryl liquid embroidery and give the 3D look by line shading technique...

step 3

Nack design of suite piece

Leafs of design filled by golden fevicryl liquid embroidery... White and golden contrast is looking very good and highted

step 4

Finish the suite piece by pasting stones at the middle of flowers with the help of fevicryl fabric glue...

You Will NeedYou Will Need

White Liquid embroidery golden liquid embroidery Fabric glue Stones


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